Cordless Clippers Kit Andis Master Cordless Andis toutliner / T-outliner Cordless ULTIMATE BARBER KIT

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Key Features:

#Andis Master Cordless

#Andis T-outliner Cordless

#Matsui Shears Set Japanese Cobalt Hand Made in Japan

#Zeepk Premium Stylist Tools Keeper Case

#Diane Long Handle Neck Duster Soft Bristles

#Xtra-Long Cutting Cape Water and Hair Repellent

 #Barber Combs For Tapering and Clipper over Comb with Leveler 


This is the Ultimate Barber Kit. It has the best of the best tools in the world. Its like a Rolls Royce of Barber Kit. Don't Believe me? Ask your Master Barber. I handpicked all the best items for this especially for my Elite Class Customers who desire nothing but the best. 

120 Voltage - 240 voltage 

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