Straight Razors Dovo Paste Strap Cup Soap Bag Shaving Set in Gift Box for XMAS

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2 Straight Edge Razors - Carbon Steel, full hollow-ground approx 5" Biconcave with 6/8 round point. Stainless Steel Shaving Cup Shaving Soap ZEVA Bristle Shaving Brush PU Leather Traveling bag Dovo Paste Sharpening Strop Raw Cowhide Leather & Canvas: Total Length 19 1/4 Inch Razor Stropping Area 12 1/4 Inch Leather Thickness 2.50 mm Shaving Set Comes Packed in Gift Box Product description Zeva Straight Razor High Quality Carbon Steel Shaving Set. ZEVA STRAIGHT RAZOR To shave with a straight razor is to indulge in luxury. But with all great things, it takes technique, preparation, and patience. This little practicum will provide you the basics to properly care for your face and skin before, during, and after so you can enjoy the pleasures of the gentlemanly shave. PREPERATION Prepare the face by showering before shaving. This allows moist heat to open pores and soften facial hair. Applying Shaving lather with Zeva shaving brushes can improve the experience immensely. SHAVING Pull the skin tight as you apply the straight razor and shave with the grain of growth. If a closer shave is desired, you may go against the grain, but a gentleman who wants to avoid razor burn will reapply pre-shave oil and shaving cream before doing so. Three passes will help ensure maximum smoothness. This Zeva straight razor set has everything you need to have a good shave. POST SHAVE Rinse well; warm water feels good, but some people like cold water to close their pores. You may also apply a natural after-shave balm that absorbs quickly, providing instant protection and soothing the face. STRAIGHT RAZOR MAINTAINCEBlade storage is serious business. Rinse the blade and wipe it with a soft cloth; this will rid of any debris and moisture. Rub any hair and skin oil or vaseline over the blade before putting it away. This prevents any moisture in the air from rusting the blade. If your blade gets rusty, do not re-use it. Replace it.